jeudi 24 mars 2011

Challenge Walk In The Street : La Brocante

Une journée à la brocante #1
Challenge "Walk In The Street Photography" :Midnight Shadows - Evry Street
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6 commentaires:

GVK a dit…

Wonderful. Black and white mode adds value to this street scene, extra-ordinary in itself. Is that a shopping cart lurking behind a molehill of bloated plastic toys ?

ewok1993 a dit…

what a nice b/w image. great street photography.

Lesley a dit…

Amazing what can fit in a shopping cart!

Laerte Pupo a dit…

Great photo.

Dragonstar a dit…

What a wonderful find! One would think the cart would start to fly!

David a dit…

This is a wonderful photo. It tells a whole story in one moment of time.
David/ Houston Texas